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Kevin Dredge has been at the forefront of music tuition in Hampshire for the last 20 years. He is the owner / director of Garden Music School which has been born out of the Drum Garden drum studios. Kevin set up the Drum Garden in Southampton in 1995 and has been inspiring and teaching drummers from all over Hampshire ever since.  Garden Music School is the natural evolution of over 20 years experience gained teaching students of all ages and abilities through our private, school, college and University tuition.  Kevin has taken this proven successful teaching model and now applied it to Garden Music School teaching a wide range of instruments.

The original vision was to provide tuition you could receive in London at a local level and Drum Garden has done just that for the last 20 years.  We raised the level of private tuition from the usual ‘bed room or garden shed’ tuition to lessons with full time fully committed professional teachers.  We have also changed the way that drum lessons are taught in any school / college that we have given lessons in and raised the standard of the students taught under our system.

Since 1995 Kevin has taught as a full time professional, privately, in schools, colleges and he also designs and teaches degree level courses for Universities.

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Garden Music School
Garden House, Pricketts Hill, Shedfield, Southampton SO32 2JW
Telephone: 01329 832028

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